Why is mitral valve most affected in RHD?

What is mitral valve vegetation?

Endocarditis infection occurs along the edges of the heart valves. The lesions, called vegetations, are masses composed of fibrin, platelets, and infecting organisms, held together by agglutinating antibodies produced by the bacteria.

Which murmur is infective endocarditis?

Acute infective endocarditis The most common type is an aortic regurgitation murmur. Because of the suddenness of onset, the left ventricle does not have a chance to dilate. In this situation, the classic finding of increased pulse pressure in significant valvular insufficiency is absent.

What is tricuspid valve endocarditis?

Tricuspid valve endocarditis is a disease primarily found in intravenous drug abusers. It occurs much less often than left-sided endocarditis and has a better prognosis.

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