Why celebrate World Heart Day?

Created by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day informs people around the globe that CVD, including heart disease and stroke, is the world’s leading cause of death claiming 18.6 million lives each year, and highlights the actions that individuals can take to prevent and control CVD.

Who proposed the idea for World Heart Day?

Antoni Bayés de Luna In 1999 the World Heart Federation (WHF), in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO), announced the establishment of World Heart Day. The idea for this annual event was conceived by Antoni Bayés de Luna, president of WHF from 1997–99.

Is today heart Awareness Day?

first Friday in February Join NHLBI, The Heart Truth®, and organizations around the country on National Wear Red Day®, celebrated each year on the first Friday in February, to bring greater attention to heart disease as a leading cause of death for Americans. Use the poster, stickers, and social media resources below to promote Wear Red Day.

WHO is the latest theme?

Themes of World Health Days

  • 2013: Healthy Blood Pressure.
  • 2014: Small bite, Big threat.
  • 2015: Food Safety.
  • 2016: Diabetes.
  • 2017: Depression: Let’s Talk.
  • 2018: Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.
  • 2019: Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.
  • 2020: Support Nurses and Midwives.

What month is high blood pressure month?

The Heart Truth® encourages women to know their blood pressure numbers. Then make keeping blood pressure within a healthy target part of self-care. #OurHearts are healthier together.

What is celebrated April 7th?

World Health Day 7 April is World Health Day It is celebrated annually and each year draws attention to a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world. The date of 7 April marks the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948.

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