Is there a cure for Holt-Oram syndrome?

The primary treatment for structural abnormalities of the heart associated with Holt-Oram syndrome is closure of the defect(s) with surgery or catheters. In such cases, the surgical procedures performed will depend upon the location and severity of the abnormalities and their associated symptoms.

How do you get Holt-Oram syndrome?

Holt-Oram syndrome is caused by genetic changes (pathogenic variants or mutations ) in the TBX5 gene . The syndrome is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. A diagnosis of Holt-Oram syndrome may be suspected when a person has symptoms of the syndrome.

What is Eisenmenger syndrome?

Eisenmenger (I-sun-meng-uhr) syndrome is a long-term complication of an unrepaired heart defect that someone was born with (congenital). The congenital heart defects associated with Eisenmenger syndrome cause blood to circulate abnormally in your heart and lungs.

What are the characteristics of Williams syndrome?

Newborns with Williams syndrome have characteristic “elfin-like” facial features including an unusually small head (microcephaly), full cheeks, an abnormally broad forehead, puffiness around the eyes and lips, a depressed nasal bridge, broad nose, and/or an unusually wide and prominent open mouth.

What is the rarest heart defect?

Truncus arteriosus is a rare type of heart disease that is present at birth (congenital) in which there is a single main blood vessel, rather than the normal two, carrying blood away from the heart.

At what age does Eisenmenger syndrome occur?

Symptoms of Eisenmenger syndrome vary depending on the heart defect and affected organs. They do not usually occur until people are in their teens, 20s or 30s.

What heart condition is Turner’s syndrome associated with?

Here the cardiovascular complications of Turner syndrome are reviewed. The risk of congenital heart defects such as bicuspid aortic valves, aortic coarctation, other valve abnormalities, and septal defect is increased.

Can you have Williams syndrome without knowing?

Typical characteristics include distinctive facial features, mild intellectual disability and an overly sociable personality. Williams syndrome may be undiagnosed, which means that many people with the disorder fail to get the support and treatment they need until later in life.

What is the average life expectancy of a person with Williams syndrome?

Some people with Williams syndrome may have a reduced life expectancy due to complications of the disease (such as cardiovascular involvement). No studies specifically exist on life expectancy, although individuals have been reported to live into their 60s.

What is the difference between Down syndrome and Williams syndrome?

Williams syndrome and Down syndrome are both chromosomal disorders affecting people from birth. However, Williams syndrome is caused by a missing chromosome, while Down syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome.


[KEY]Is a heart defect the same as heart disease?[/KEY]

Congenital heart disease is one or more problems with the heart’s structure that exist since birth. Congenital means that you’re born with the defect. Congenital heart disease, also called congenital heart defect, can change the way blood flows through your heart.


What is the most serious heart disease?

Blockage in the coronary arteries is called coronary artery disease—a condition in which the heart muscles don’t get enough blood and oxygen. The most serious effect of coronary artery disease is sudden death without warning.

What are the symptoms of having a hole in your heart?


  • Shortness of breath, especially when exercising.
  • Fatigue.
  • Swelling of legs, feet or abdomen.
  • Heart palpitations or skipped beats.
  • Stroke.
  • Heart murmur, a whooshing sound that can be heard through a stethoscope.

What is a left to right shunt in the heart?

Left-to-Right Shunts Left-to-right shunt lesions occur when there is an abnormal connection between the right and left side of the heart (atrial septal defect [ASD], ventricular septal defect [VSD], patent ductus arteriosis [PDA], and more complex endocardial cushion defects involving the atrial and ventricular septa).

Can hole in heart cause coughing?

The risk of developing respiratory tract infections (RTIs) is higher in people with congenital heart disease. RTIs are infections of the lungs and airways, such as pneumonia. Symptoms of an RTI can include: a cough, which can be severe and involve coughing up phlegm and mucus.

Does Turner syndrome shorten life span?

Women with Turner’s syndrome have a reduced life expectancy, and recent evidence suggests that this is due to an increased risk of aortic dissection and ischemic heart disease.

Is Turner’s syndrome a disability?

Is Turner syndrome considered a disability? Turner syndrome is not considered a disability, although it can cause certain learning challenges, including problems learning mathematics and with memory. Most girls and women with Turner syndrome lead a normal, healthy, productive life with proper medical care.

Does Turner syndrome Affect heart?

What are the common forms of cardiac disease that can occur in Turner syndrome? Most of the heart disease in TS is congenital. Bicuspid aortic valve (two cusps instead of three), coarctation (narrowing) of aorta, aortic arch anomalies constitute majority of the congenital heart defects.

What are the signs and symptoms of Williams syndrome?

What are the symptoms of Williams syndrome?

  • specific facial features like a wide mouth, small upturned nose, widely spaced teeth, and full lips.
  • colic or feeding problems.
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • learning disorders.
  • inward bend of pinky finger.
  • specific phobias.
  • short stature.
  • speech delays.

What is it like to live with Williams syndrome?

‘Reeling people in’ Chris has Williams Syndrome (WS), a rare genetic disorder affecting around one in 18,000 people in Britain. It has often been dubbed the ‘opposite of autism’. People with WS are empathetic, social, friendly and endearing but they tend to have a low IQ, making tasks such as counting money difficult.

What is an elfin face?

Elfin (Elven) facies is a form of facies where the patient presents with facial characteristics bearing some similarities to those traditionally associated with elves. It is characterized by prominent forehead, widely spaced eyes, upturned nose, underdeveloped mandible, dental hypoplasia, and patulous lips.

Can people with Williams syndrome lead a normal life?

Living with Williams Syndrome Every child with Williams syndrome is different. Some can lead a very normal life. Others have more serious health and learning problems. They may need lifelong medical care.

Is Williams syndrome a form of autism?

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and Williams syndrome (WS) both are neurodevelopmental disorders, each with a unique social phenotypic pattern.

What gender does Edwards syndrome affect?

Edward’s syndrome affects more girls than boys – around 80 percent of those affected are female. Women older than the age of thirty have a greater risk of bearing a child with the syndrome, although it may also occur with women younger than thirty. Edward’s syndrome was named after Dr. John Edward.

What’s the difference between autism and Down syndrome?

Children with DS-ASD scored significantly higher than their peers with Down syndrome alone on all five subscales of the ABC: sensory function, social relating, body and object use, language use and social skills. Children with DS-ASD show less impairment in social relatedness than those with ASD only.


[KEY]Can you live a long life with congenital heart disease?[/KEY]

As medical care and treatment have improved, babies and children with congenital heart defects (CHDs) are living longer and healthier lives. Most are now living into adulthood. Ongoing, appropriate medical care can help children and adults with a CHD live as healthy as possible.


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