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Cardiology Department Communication

Communication is the Key to Cardiology Department Success

I’ve been lucky through my role as a cardiac radiographer to have worked in multiple departments, both in the UK and Australia. As a medical publisher I also visited dozens of cardiac departments around the world. I have seen the good, the bad, and on the rare occasion the very ugly. That was the reason…

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New York Ambulance Cardiac Catheterization

Should your cardiac catheterization lab be open on weekends?

For the majority of cardiology professionals working in larger hospitals, doing on-call work out of hours is just a part of every day life. Whilst most people don’t like it, it does provide staff with extra pay and the possibility of additional time off, so therefore the positives often outweigh the negatives. Whilst we know…

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CardiologyHD Feature Image

Multi-generational Conflict in the Cath Lab

Recently I was enjoying lunch with three other colleagues, and the discussion turned to a physician who had misbehaved earlier that day. Four separate opinions emerged as to how the situation should have been handled. The first person was over 60 years old. She said that she would have “blown his hair right back”. I…

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Coronary Angiogram on Dogs

Dogs in the Cardiac Cath Lab

Opening up human cath labs to our furry friends A Cardiac Catheterisation suite is an environment full of expensive technology and staffed with highly qualified people. But what about the patients? Are they all the same? Are gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background relevant factors which might influence our behaviour? Do we sometimes give VIP services…

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Regent's Park Mobile Cardiac Cath Lab - Exeter

Mobile Cardiac Cath Labs: Achieving Maximum Efficiency

Most staff feel there is never enough space within a cath lab or that productivity could be improved, but imagine how that is magnified for those working in a high-intensity mobile lab, with a preset time frame and a high number of procedures in which to complete them. Over the past weeks we have been…

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