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Cardiology Department Communication

Communication is the Key to Cardiology Department Success

I’ve been lucky through my role as a cardiac radiographer to have worked in multiple departments, both in the UK and Australia. As a medical publisher I also visited dozens of cardiac departments around the world. I have seen the good, the bad, and on the rare occasion the very ugly. That was the reason…

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Kinked Catheter during cardiac catheterization

Knotted Intravascular Catheters and Foreign Body Removal

Knotted catheters, guide wires and electrodes are rare but serious complications of angiographic procedures and line insertions. The percutaneous techniques and materials used in releasing knots are similar to those used in foreign body retrieval. The aim of this review is to provide an overview of both of these important skills. Managing knotted catheters Knotting…

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New York Ambulance Cardiac Catheterization

Should your cardiac catheterization lab be open on weekends?

For the majority of cardiology professionals working in larger hospitals, doing on-call work out of hours is just a part of every day life. Whilst most people don’t like it, it does provide staff with extra pay and the possibility of additional time off, so therefore the positives often outweigh the negatives. Whilst we know…

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Heart arrhythmias in Animals

Marine mammals experience heart arrhythmias when deep-diving

As cardiology experts we spend our entire professionals lives working with the human species, but what can we learn from the animal kingdom? Do they face the same heart problems during physical activities that we face, and how can we use that knowledge to benefit us? There are many scientists out there across a variety of very interesting…

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Astronaut Heart Cardiac Studies

Astronauts experience a blood shift and lower blood pressure during long duration weightlessness

I’m sure at some point in your life you wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut or thought it would be your dream job as a kid. I know I certainly was in the latter group. Floating about in a space station, working upside down, and in my down time spending countless…

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