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blueberries heart health

Blueberries for breakfast may lower blood pressure

Study shows daily consumption of blueberries reduced blood pressure in as little as 8 weeks! We all hate getting out of a warm bed first thing in the morning, particularly during these winter mornings when snow can be seen on the windowsill as we are all snuggled up with our alarm ringing in our ears.…

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avocado heart health

Add avocado to your sandwich to reduce bad cholesterol

We’ve all heard of an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But recent research has indicated that having an avocado a day can help keep the cardiologist away. Researchers showed that by including avocados into your daily diet (particularly the darker skin variety) it may help lower bad cholesterol, and in turn reduce the…

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Worried about the future?

Worried about the future? Beware! Optimistic people shown to have healthier hearts.

Study shows optimists are twice as likely to be in ideal cardiovascular health. We all have stress in our lives, particularly as medical workers in the cardiology environment. Endless studying, new techniques to learn, difficult bosses and colleagues, and the constant threat of being out of a job are the main issues many people focus…

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CardiologyHD Feature Image

Multi-generational Conflict in the Cath Lab

Recently I was enjoying lunch with three other colleagues, and the discussion turned to a physician who had misbehaved earlier that day. Four separate opinions emerged as to how the situation should have been handled. The first person was over 60 years old. She said that she would have “blown his hair right back”. I…

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Coronary Angiogram on Dogs

Dogs in the Cardiac Cath Lab

Opening up human cath labs to our furry friends A Cardiac Catheterisation suite is an environment full of expensive technology and staffed with highly qualified people. But what about the patients? Are they all the same? Are gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background relevant factors which might influence our behaviour? Do we sometimes give VIP services…

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